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How the Political Right Shifted its Focus from Homophobia to Transphobia | The Brian Lehrer Show

Transcript :

Brian Lehrer: It's The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. Good morning, everyone. Yes, it is the first day of the month of June, which among many other things means it is Pride Month in the LGBTQ community. This year it seems, think about it, Pride Month comes amid an intensifying cultural war offensive aimed at making people in general, but parents in particular afraid of their neighbors who are not straight in their sexual orientation or not traditionally cisgender, male or female in their gender identity.

In that context, we're going to talk on this June 1st about homophobia and transphobia. This fear phobia of people in gender or sexual minorities as if they could recruit your children to their ranks. As if who you're attracted to or what your gender identity is, is something you can choose like a major in college, as opposed to just who you are. Straight people, can you choose who you're sexually attracted to?

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