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How prejudice rooted in an ancient social system has migrated from India to Canada

Caste discrimination is an issue some people of Indian background in Canada say needs to be addressed.

Gurpreet Singh, who is from India, is studying human resource management at Durham College in Oshawa, Ont.(Submitted by Gurpreet Singh)

When Gurpreet Singh packed his bags last fall and arrived in Ontario from India, he soon learned there was one thing some fellow Indians in Canada hadn't left behind in their home country — their prejudices.

The human resource management student at Durham College in Oshawa, Ont., said he is viewed as an outcast in the ancient South Asian social structure known as the caste system, but faces more discrimination from Indians in Canada than he did in India.

"I have been here for roughly five months and I have faced it in a way more aggressive or aggravated form in this country from my own Punjabi community," Singh said. "They beat their chest with pride that they come from this caste or that caste."


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