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How education can combat prejudice

The conviction and sentencing of a policeman for the murder of George Floyd signifies a major success for the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. However, the question of why racism persists in America, despite a prolonged and serious effort made in the education system to address the issue, remains. The usual response among people who work in the field of education is that education never got a real chance to succeed. Their argument is based on the premise that for education to be successful in its social goals, there must be a consensus among political, economic and cultural policies. This may be asking for the moon, but there is some truth in the contention that education cannot work in isolation. If discrimination against a certain group is rife in the economic and political spheres, schools alone cannot remedy it. Thus far, the case is well-made, but a deeper look is necessary to appreciate the kind of effort that those involved in education make to mitigate prejudice and also to recognise the limitations within which they function.

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