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France riots: The 'double discrimination' and racism fuelling and widespread looting and vandalism

Sky's Siobhan Robbins watches in Marseille as young people light fires, burn whatever they can find and rip up road signs to use as makeshift weapons.

Anger, resentment, grief - that is the message from Marseille.

In France's second city, deep-rooted frustrations have bubbled over into looting and vandalism.

Kaouther Ben Mohamed fights for better rights for the poor. She says the destruction here is sad but it's not surprising given the frustration many residents feel.

"There's a double discrimination in Marseille compared to the rest of France," she says.

"The first is the colour of your skin and your surname. The second is where you live. For people who are called Sofiane or Mohammed, it's more difficult living in a working-class area, having access to schools, accommodation and getting a job."

Poverty, racism and drugs mean clashes with police aren't rare here, but this widespread looting is an escalation and a worrying sign.

The damage is a step-up because the violence has penetrated the heart of the city rather than being contained in the poor estates on the edges and that speaks to the level of anger people are feeling.


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