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End Workplace Discrimination Against Cannabis Consumers

The responsible use of cannabis should never cost you your job.

Yet, even in many of the states where the adult use of marijuana is legal, employers can still fire or refuse to hire someone solely based upon their off-the-clock consumption of cannabis.

NORML is working to end these discriminatory policies.

Recently, NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano provided testimony to the Michigan Civil Service Committee urging them to adopt new rules ending pre-employment marijuana testing for most state workers.

“Policies that mandate would-be hires to undergo urine screens for past cannabis exposure are invasive, discriminatory, and ineffective,” Armentano testified. “They neither identify workers who may be under the influence, nor do they contribute to a safe work environment.”

Earlier this month, the Commission adopted the new rules — ending this longstanding discrimination against responsible cannabis consumers.

Michigan is not alone.

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