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Child poverty report takes aim at misconceptions, prejudice

For the poorest 5 percent of families with children in private dwellings, about half were unable to afford two pairs of shoes per child. Photo: 123rf

Claims New Zealand has "a high rate" of child poverty does not square with international data, but having 130,000 children in material hardship is still too high, a new report says.

The Child Poverty in New Zealand report, was written by Bryan Perry for the Ministry of Social Development.

The report was initially planned to for publication in March, but Perry told RNZ it was delayed after they decided to make it much more comprehensive and to share some of the data being compiled with Stats NZ.

He said data for a breakdown of data in six areas of Auckland and looking into the living standards of each also did not become available until September.

"These all pushed the delivery time out. We are aiming at mid-2023 for the next one."

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