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Caste Discrimination: Research scholars, students frame workplace guidelines

A group of scholars and students have drafted a set of guidelines on addressing caste discrimination at the workplace that the COVID-19 pandemic has made worse.

NEW DELHI: Often, being a Bahujan comes with a burden of exploitation, inadequate pay, and lesser opportunities at the workplace, said Aditi Priya, founder of Bahujan Economists, a platform for students and working professionals from the historically marginalised communities including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Castes.

To combat caste-based discrimination and facilitate equal representation of Dalits in workplaces, Priya and her team of over 400 students, researchers, scholars and working professionals have framed detailed guidelines to work towards creating a safer work environment. These guidelines have tried to address caste-based issues that are often missing from the organisations’ policies. The team intends to create a “living document” which can be modified and adopted by recruiters to create a safer environment for marginalised sections.

“We may have framed these guidelines, but we did not wish to be the final voice on workplace guidelines for the Bahujan, so we have put these on social media to seek comments and suggestions. The guidelines are like a living document. People can add to it and improve it,” said Priya.

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