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Campaigns to kill ‘wokeness’ are efforts to perpetuate racism, disenfranchisement

Spending time fighting “woke,” “wokeness,” and a so-called “culture war” instead of focusing on the real issues and problems we face as a nation is a downright miscarriage of the political and legislative processes.

Legislators, political leaders and potential candidates have found a new strawman to use to reenergize and promote continued racism and disenfranchisement.

These efforts are also dangerous in their potential to undo the gains made and thwart future progress when it comes to human rights and equality across race and gender.

If there is any doubt that racism and the continued oppression of Blacks and other minorities are the driving forces behind the growing conversation around wokeness or culture war, then take a closer look beyond the contrived and exaggerated hype gaining attention.

The word “woke” has become weaponized and is being used in ways the exact opposite of how it was intended, or according to its true meaning.

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