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Calls to tackle caste-based discrimination in US gather steam

In California in the United States, a first-of-its-kind lawsuit is making its way through the courts after a Dalit employee accused his employer, technology giant Cisco, and two of its former engineering managers of allowing caste-based discrimination in the workplace [File: Paul Sakuma/AP Photo]

Dalit rights groups call for legal protections as high-profile cases at a Hindu temple in New Jersey and a major tech firm in California spur a reckoning.

San Francisco, California, the United States — Civil rights organisations and Dalit rights groups are adding urgency to their calls to end caste-based discrimination in the US after incidents in California and New Jersey have thrust the issue into the spotlight.

Dalits, who were formally referred to as “untouchables”, occupy the lowest position in the complex Hindu caste system and have historically faced discrimination and violence at the hands of members of other castes in India and other parts of South Asia.

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