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British Cycling chief executive insists "homophobia and transphobia are not acceptable in our sport"

Brian Facer, the chief executive of British Cycling, has emphasised that "homophobia and transphobia are not acceptable in our sport," following criticism of the national governing body over a lack of support for the LGBT+ community.

Clay Davies became the first British male elite road cyclist to publicly come out as gay in July, but as reported by Attitude, he recently told the Quicklink Daily Cycling Podcast that British Cycling had not been in touch to offer support.

"It's shocking, to be honest, that British Cycling haven’t reached out to me directly," Davies said.

"It's been three weeks now.

"How hard it is for British Cycling to do that?

"They’ve got my contact details.

"My name’s not exactly difficult to find, is it?

"How hard is it for them to send me a one-liner to say, 'Yes we’ve read it, yes we’re on it, we will get back in touch if we need anything from you?'

"But, not had a thing."

He added that British Cycling is "10 years in the past" on issues facing LGBT+ people, and "they just need to start from scratch really."


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