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BBC Least Reliable Source For Information On India, Most Biased Against Hindus’: Survey Points Out Prejudice Faced By British Indians

A survey conducted among the British Indian and Hindu community has revealed that many individuals are facing prejudice due to misrepresentation in UK media, characterised by a "colonial" focus on "cows, curry, and caste" as reported by Times of India.

A majority of participants, 59 per cent, stated that they have personally witnessed or experienced prejudice stemming from British media reporting on Hindus and Hinduism.

Additionally, 79 per cent indicated that media reports on Hinduism contributed to negative perceptions of British Indians.

The nationwide survey, conducted by INSIGHT UK, involved 2,061 respondents representing British Hindu and Indian communities.

A significant portion, 81 per cent, mentioned that UK media reporting on India resulted in negative perceptions of British Indians.

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