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Always take steps to go for Pride over prejudice

Panti Bliss (left) and Taoiseach Micheal Martin with new pride stamps celebrating 'Brod', Ireland's Pride movement, outside Government Buildings in Dublin. Photo: Maxwells Photography/PA Wire

It’s Pride Month and I’m thinking about the ever-evolving nature of purposeful communications. Specifically, about how we describe ourselves and others. And how we feel about it. It’s one thing to talk in general terms about fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, it’s another thing when a specific situation presents itself.

Last week, for instance, I was talking to a client about a coaching opportunity within their organisation.

“We recently hired a new chief technology officer and I think you’d be a great fit,” the client told me.

“Sounds good,” I responded. “What more can you tell me about him or her?” I asked and then I added, “Wait, I shouldn’t presume either of those. Instead, let me ask you, ‘How do they prefer to be identified?’”

My client laughed a little at that and said back to me, “Oh, yeah, good point. I suppose to be politically correct that is what you should ask.”

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