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Why do we tolerate gender bias favoring women?

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Almost a month after University of California Berkeley economists presented evidence of gender discrimination at several leading scientific institutions, including the National Academy of Sciences, the implicated groups have yet to publicly apologize for and repudiate the bias, or to dispute the evidence. Their silence, and that of the broader scientific community, should be deafening. The fact that it isn’t speaks volumes about the tolerance of today’s gender discrimination — favoring females.

The National Bureau of Economic Research working paper compares researchers of similar academic credentials, including publications and citations in top journals, and finds that women are up to twice as likely to receive honors and awards by the Econometric Society, a leading association in the economics field. They also enjoy considerably better odds than men at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences. As the study authors acknowledge, this bias likely extends to other scientific institutions and C-suites of many American companies.

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