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University of Oregon denies allegations of sex discrimination against female athletes

Rebecca Hansen-White/KLCC

Oregon beach volleyball player Batia Rotshtein speaks to reporters in December 2023 alongside attorney Arthur Bryant, right, rowing club captain Elise Haverland, left, beach volleyball team captain Ashley Schroeder, left, and attorney Lori Bullock, left.

In a court filing this week, the University of Oregon denied claims made in a lawsuit alleging unequal treatment of female athletes.

In December current and former beach volleyball players, as well as members of the club rowing team, filed a federal class action lawsuit against UO. They said the team received less financial aid and poorer facilities than male athletes. They asked a judge to find the school violated Title IX, a federal law requiring equal access to education. They also asked the university to add club rowing as a varsity sport to reach gender parity.

In its response, first reported by The Daily Emerald, the university denied the claims, saying all athletes have access to medical treatment, meals and athletic equipment. It said the beach volleyball team has the number of scholarships allowed under NCAA rules.

It also argued that comparing funding the football receives to the beach volleyball team is an improper Title IX analysis.

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