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UN Calls for End to Discrimination Against Elderly


FILE - An elderly couple arrives at a polling station to vote, in Rome, Italy, Sept. 25, 2022.


The United Nations is calling for an end to discrimination against older people and for recognition of their contributions to society, as it marks the International Day of Older Persons Saturday.

With 1.4 billion people estimated to have reached at least 60 years old by 2030, U.N. officials say that is too many people to ignore and dismiss as inconsequential, especially as older people still make many significant contributions.

At 73, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demonstrates that. In celebration of the day, he commended the accomplishments of older people, whom he called a valuable source of knowledge and experience.

He also praised the resilience of the more than 1 billion older people in facing adversity in a rapidly changing world.

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