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The last male sanctuary’: Barber shop in Adelaide applies for exemption to anti-discrimination law

A barber shop in Adelaide has applied for an exemption from South Australia’s Equal Opportunity Act so it can provide a “male sanctuary” space for their customers.

Robbie’s Chop Shop in Unley, Adelaide, posted an open letter on Instagram announcing its application for the exemption and calling on the community to support the business’ pursuits.

“A complaint has recently been made to the Equal Opportunity SA about our Robbie’s Chop Shop and its request that women observe our status as ‘the last male sanctuary’,” the letter read.

“Whilst we feel that this complaint is misconceived, we are doing our best to resolve the situation in a respectful and understanding manner to the satisfaction of all involved.”

The barber shop has several signs inside and outside of the shop, promoting the space as, “the last male sanctuary”.

This includes Robbie’s Chop Shop’s Five Commandments: “Male Only. Don’t Lose Your Place. No Stress (It’s Ok Not To Be Ok). Love Thy Barber. BE A MAN!”

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