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Prejudice Priced!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Photograph, the great actor, singer and campaigner, Paul Robeson, with a young Vincent Price

Like Sir Peter Ustinov, Vincent Price was a man of many parts. He was an actor, raconteur, lecturer, with interest, knowledge and love of art, cooking, and his fellow human beings, as great as he had, for performing, on stage or screen. He was a very much loved figure in so many ways, and is, known for being one of those rare people who it is difficult to find anyone saying anything mean about him. He was not mean. He cared. He was deeply intelligent and highly political, but in a way that was inclusive, not divisive. He supported many causes, not least that of LGBT rights, and his legacy on that has been continued by his eloquent and loving daughter, Victoria Price, who has recounted her father's love and supportive presence, when she came out herself, as gay, at a time when there was greater prejudice towards people who are LGBT.

Click this link and on the posting enclosed from a while ago, which I discovered, and now share, for the words of Vincent Price, spoken seventy years ago. Here you can find this recording for it is on the subject we are concerned with on this site here...prejudice...

Published 15 September 2020


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