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Opinion: Affirmative action is not discrimination against us

On June 27, the US Supreme Court ruled that race-conscious admissions programs at universities were unconstitutional. COURTESY OF MARIELAM1 VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Calls of discrimination from the Asian community misunderstand affirmative action.

The competition for college admissions in the United States increases every year. There have been numerous scandal reports of bribery schemes, falsified resumés, and cheating: all so a high school student can be admitted to a prestigious university.

The ultra-competitiveness of the admissions process has led many Asian applicants to express their disapproval of affirmative action, which attempts to present equal opportunities to higher education for demographics that are historically underrepresented.

On the surface, affirmative action may seem to disadvantage Asian applicants and favour other racialized minorities. For years, the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) have vocalized their concerns about affirmative action as a discriminatory policy and attempted to strike it down. On June 29, the Supreme Court ruled against Harvard and the University of North Carolina in a case that resulted in affirmative action becoming unconstitutional.

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