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New resources to tackle prejudice motivated crime

Victoria Police, including its Whittlesea and Hume units, is bolstering efforts to tackle hate and prejudice motivated crime with new resources launched recently.

A new animation and poster have been made available in 10 languages to help diverse communities understand how to get support and report crimes caused by hate or prejudice.

The resources are available in English, Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Hindi, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Somali, Urdu and Vietnamese.

A prejudice motivated crime is caused by hate towards another person or group because of characteristics such as race, religion, age, disability or sexuality.

Examples can include physical or verbal abuse, property damage or harassment. These crimes can take place in public or online.

While they occur in Victoria, and around the country, they often go unreported to police and other authorities.

When reported to police, officers will work closely with the victim to determine if the crime is caused by prejudice.


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