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Letter: MAGA movement is being fueled by hatred and prejudice

Confucius said it first: It is easy to hate and difficult to love. Donald Trump is the perfect example of someone whose political campaign is founded on hate, and whose followers jump so easily into the hate-fest.

It is so much easier to hate people who are not like you (that is, who are not white middle class) than it is to take the time to be familiar with their values and their dreams and (gasp!) get to know some of them.

It is easier to hate immigrants coming over the border and to believe Trump’s tirade about them being drug lords, rapists, criminals, and generally all-around bad people, than to try to understand why most of them have walked thousands of miles with their young children to make a better life for their families in our country.

And it is easier to hate Jews, Muslims, Blacks, LGBTQ and transgender people than to love and understand your fellow citizens.

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