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John Yems hits back over racism ban: ‘Apologies should be coming my way’

  • Former Crawley manager responds after ban to June 2024

  • ‘I find it very offensive for people to say I’m racist,’ he says

John Yems was banned from working in football for 18 months by an independent regulatory commission. Photograph: Simon Dack/TPI/Shutterstock

The former Crawley manager John Yems believes he is “owed an apology” despite having committed 12 aggravated breaches of Football Association rules on discrimination. Yems was found by an independent FA panel to have called players in his squad “curry munchers”, “terrorists” and “Zulu warriors” among a range of slurs and banned him from football until June 2024. In an unrepentant interview on TalkSport on Thursday, however, Yems downplayed the seriousness of the charges he faced and insinuated the original complaints had been manufactured by players with grievances against him.


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