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In Iraq, sectarian prejudice goes beyond the grave

The "Islamic State" group is gone but many of their Iraqi victims are still missing. They may well be buried in mass graves the extremists left. But critics say exhumations are too slow, and possibly politically biased.

There are over 200 mass graves in Iraq, many of them not yet investigated

"My brother was arrested by Daesh," explained Abdullah Ramadan Mohammed, using the colloquial name of the extremist group known as the "Islamic State."

Mohammed lives in the central Iraqi city of Hawija and his brother had worked for the Iraqi government. The extremists accused him of spying when they took over the city by force in early summer 2014. "That was such nonsense," Mohammed told DW.

But after the nighttime arrest, his brother disappeared. Mohammed tried for months to get information, visiting different prisons run by the "Islamic State", or IS, group, but he found out nothing.


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