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Guardian article on US woman’s hair salon ruined by racism prompts police investigation

Angel Pittman in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photograph: Alycee Byrd/The Guardian

Police are now re-examining the case of Angel Pittman, whose dreams of opening a mobile hair salon in North Carolina were ruined by racism.

In response to the story, published by the Guardian this week, the Rowan county sheriff’s office has reached out to her family “to see if we could further assist them”.

Pittman confirmed that the sheriff’s office did contact her and her family and that they seemed “concerned now … They said to make another report, and they’ll investigate.”

The sheriff’s office has also issued a statement that, in part, said “in further review of the deputies report, and body cam footage, Miss Hopes [Pittman’s mother] never reported that any threats had been made to her or anyone else”.

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