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Brendan Fraser says obesity is one of the last accepted forms of bigotry

Brendan Fraser says obesity is one of the final accepted forms of "prejudice and bigotry".

The 54-year-old actor - who met with people from Florida's Obesity Action Coalition as he prepared to play Charlie in 2022's 'The Whale' - hopes the movie can help change the way society looks at people who are obese.

He told Empire magazine: "Obesity is among the last accepted norms of prejudice and bigotry that we have in our society now.

"I think [the film] might be able to help turn the tide of that dialogue. It might change some hearts and minds."

Brendan also reflected on comparisons between himself and his character, who a reclusive English professor.

He said: "I stepped away from Hollywood, from filmmaking for a while because I did have some chips and dings in the paint, and the hinges needed to be repaired.

"And it did take a... it took a lot more out of me than I was really ready for, but I had to do it, and it took a while."


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