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African American couple files lawsuit for home appraisal discrimination: NYT

NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- An African American couple has recently filed a lawsuit in Maryland for home appraisal discrimination, The New York Times has reported.

The couple, Nathan Connolly and his wife Shani Mott, sued Maryland appraisal company 20/20 Valuations earlier this week for undervaluing their house based on their race, said the report published Thursday.

They also sued mortgage lender loanDepot as it denied them a refinance loan based on 20/20 Valuations's appraisal, said the report.

Months after the first appraisal, during which 20/20 Valuations put the couple's home value at 472,000 U.S. dollars, they "applied for another refinance loan, removed family photos and had a white male colleague ... stand in for them," it said.

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