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A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Holocaust Knowledge, Education and Antisemitism

Those who indicated they did not know the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust believed, on average, 5.3 anti-Jewish tropes.

With increased hate-fueled violence, incidents of antisemitism, and challenges to democratic values and institutions, Holocaust education remains an integral aspect of countering prejudice and cultivating inclusion.

However, Holocaust education is currently mandated in only 25 states, and there remains a need to understand how learning about this event affects individuals’ belief systems and the willingness to act upon those beliefs.

Antisemitism threatens the safety of Jewish people and communities around the world and is an animating force of dangerous extremist ideologies. Like all forms of prejudice and discrimination, antisemitism has a profound impact on the whole of society, undermining peace and human rights. Antisemitism is no longer confined to extremist circles and has become increasingly mainstreamed, a major driver of which is social media and the online sphere.


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